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Tennessee Lady Vols vs. Oregon State, 9 PM EST

Tennessee's basketball road trip continues as the Lady Vols take on Oregon State in Corvalis.

Do I have to?
Do I have to?
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

TV: Pac-12 Network?! Fine, Pac-12 Network, so no TV for like 98% of y'all.

Radio: Which means you get Mickey.

Stats: And also means you might get better stats.

When we last left the Lady Vols, they were dropping a 69-55 decision to Stanford in Palo Alto. Quite frankly, I missed that game, pretty obviously won't see this one, which means I'll direct you to Part 1 and Part 2 of our pre-road-trip-cap and the Stanford game thread for background, but the short version: I'm still operating under the assumption that the same stuff we discussed earlier this week is still happening.

Oregon State: also a good team. Provided they play anything like defense, that'll probably be enough. Fact A plus Fact B means at this point, Tennessee likely isn't winning this game. This team needs an offensive cheat code in the worst way, and while I will concede that the final margin against Stanford was thanks to free throws, they also didn't shoot well for the first half. That won't work against elite teams, from the Obvious Statement Is Obvious folder.

I'll clock in with Oregon State, 67-60. Hooper checks in with Oregon State, 65-56, and ....yeah. Enjoy bowl season, y'all.