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Tennessee Football Top 25 Plays of 2015 #23: Evan Berry Returns the Opening Kickoff vs Arkansas

A big return as part of a big year for Tennessee's special teams.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee returned six kicks and punts for touchdowns this year, so many it makes them seem far too ordinary.  This one by Evan Berry is further down the list for the simple fact that it ultimately mattered the least, the only game with a return TD the Vols didn't win.  In the moment it felt like a breath of fresh air, an immediate statement after the painful loss at Florida and a chance to bury a wounded Arkansas team.  The Razorbacks, of course, would come back from down 14-0 to beat the Vols 24-20.  But Berry was just getting started.

Berry's 38.29 yard average on kick returns is nearly six yards better than Rashaad Perry of San Diego State in second place.  This should give him all the credentials he needs to be an All-American.  If you're worried about him getting beat by a punt returner, Cam Sutton (who we'll see later in our countdown) is second nationally in punt returns.  The leader, Texas A&M's Christian Kirk, has a statistical advantage with only 14 returns on the year.

Either way, this was a historic year for Tennessee's return game, and Berry's opener against Arkansas (including a nice stiff arm on the kicker) is a nice piece of the whole even if the Vols ultimately couldn't make it stand up.