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Tennessee Football Top 25 Plays of 2015 #4: Dobbs to Jennings to Dobbs

Counting down the season's biggest plays.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another play from a loss, yes, but this one felt like it changed the tone of the Tennessee/Florida narrative in a way that still resonates.  The Vols, losers of ten straight to the Gators coming in to the 2015 edition, had almost never led in those ten years and didn't score a touchdown in the brutal 10-9 defeat in 2014.  When Florida took a 7-0 lead this year on the heels of a late conservative collapse against Oklahoma, the mood was getting dark in a hurry.

And then, on the first play of a drive, Tennessee tried this:

The Vols not only had their first meaningful offensive touchdown against the Gators since the third quarter of the 2012 game, Tennessee threw a significant punch that would be the first of 20 consecutive points.  It's the little things that make this play, beyond Dobbs' athleticism:  Jauan Jennings, a true freshman, looking downfield before throwing back to Dobbs.  And then the downfield blocking by three offensive linemen, especially Coleman Thomas getting out in front.  Simply calling this play got Tennessee out of "don't screw up, don't screw up" mode.  And executing it gave the Vols some much needed confidence against the Gators.  Though the outcome wasn't it should have been, the confidence that Tennessee can beat these guys will hopefully extend to next fall.