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Tennessee Football Top 25 Plays of 2015 #22: Cam Sutton Puts 50 on Kentucky

Counting down the Vols' best plays of the regular season.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So after Evan Berry took a kickoff back 100+ yards to put the Vols up 45-21, the defense got Kentucky off the field six plays later with nearly six minutes still left in the third quarter.  That was plenty of time for Cameron Sutton to deliver whatever comes after the knockout blow.

Thus ends a 28 point burst in 10 minutes of gametime, 42 points in around 16 minutes if we go back to the second quarter.  Tennessee didn't put on displays like this very often, but it called back memories of what the Vols did to Iowa in the Taxslayer Bowl.  As for Sutton's return itself, he makes this look so smooth and effortless from the first defender.  At this point Kentucky may have thrown up the white flag, but I'm not sure that would've mattered.  Butch and the Vols took their feet off the gas up 52-21 (the eventual final score) with 20 minutes left to play, but an offense and special teams unit playing at this level could really name their score in a game like this.