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Lady Vols vs. Stetson, 7 PM Eastern

10 gallons of women's basketball tonight.

Pictured: Russell surrounded by the entire Stetson team.
Pictured: Russell surrounded by the entire Stetson team.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

TV/Stream: SECN+ (Online only)

Radio: Last Mickey of the Year.

Horrible excuse of a stats page: Obligatory link that you'll regret clicking.

Get ready for your final WBB uber-frustration of 2015.  Tonight, the Lady Vols host 8-4 Stetson (fresh off an 80-72 loss to Georgia State) in Knoxville for the first game back after Christmas break.  First, a quick primer on Stetson:

  • Height-challenged. Stetson has two gals above 6 feet tall: 6'-3" Sarah Sagerer and 6'-3" Re'Nique Francis. Of those two, Francis has yet to log a minute of play, leaving Sagerer as the only taller-than-5'-9" player on the team.  That alone should be enough to dictate how this game goes.  Should.
  • No true standout. The closest to a star player is Brianti Saunders, who gets 35 minutes/game, along with about 19 points with a passable 31% three-point percentage.  But nobody has any particular standout stat: Aisha turner gets 4 assists/game, Breana Bey gets about 8 or 9 boards/game, and Sagerer (mentioned above) has hit 42% of her three-pointers, but doesn't take many.  So your candidate for obligatory-guard-who-goes-off-on-the-Lady-Vols is Brianti Suanders: she'll inevitably get 25-30 points tonight.

That leaves the Lady Vols.  We're still waiting to see if they have figured out this whole "team offense" thing, and tonight's a great night to see if the break has helped.  Also missing: the dominance that Graves and Russell should be exerting, but is handicapped by the shaky offense.

Prediction: 76-56 Tennessee. Enjoy that absurd height advantage.