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New Year's Eve Open Thread

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Twenty-eight games down, a dozen to go plus the national championship.  As the Vols prepare for Northwestern and the new year, the College Football Playoff takes center stage today.  Florida State and Houston are on the undercard in the Peach Bowl, then it's the big two:  Oklahoma and Clemson are in the Orange Bowl at 4:00 PM, Alabama and Michigan State in Dallas at 8:00 PM.

In our bowl pick 'em UNDirish60 holds a 35 point lead coming into today, but there are still a ton of points on the board.  Check out the full standings at Fun Office Pools.  In our pool Tennessee fans like what they've seen:  66.2% are taking Oklahoma, 91% are taking Alabama.

If you're following along on this New Year's Eve, we invite you to join us in the comments below.  Hope your 2015 was great - we're looking forward to big things from the Vols on January 1 and beyond.