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Tennessee Football Top 25 Plays of 2015 #20: Dobbs Hits The B Button on Florida

Counting down the season's biggest plays.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

One of three 60+ yard plays for the Vol offense this season came late in the second quarter at Florida.  Tennessee led 14-7 and in one spectacular play by Josh Dobbs put themselves in position to extend the lead:

Remember, this is the vaunted Gator defense.  And this is some of Dobbs' best work on the ground, not just for the decision when to go and then spin move on the initial defender or his speed downfield, but also for the help he gets from his teammates.  Coleman Thomas pulls from center, then comes back to make a huge block.  And how about Brett Kendrick, who makes a block nearly 50 yards downfield.

Tennessee got three points on this drive and, of course, ultimately came up short against the Gators.  But this is still an incredible piece of work against a great defense, giving hope the Vols can hurt Florida with the ground game again next time.