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Rocky Top Talk 2015 Bowl Pick 'Em

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Wedflatrock, who won our 2015 regular season pick 'em by just two points over chuckiepoo.  Wedflatrock takes the crown with 2198 confidence points on a 195-75 record straight up; the best record went to dgibbs and VolinKensucky who both went 197-73 and finished fourth and ninth, respectively, in confidence points.  Check out the full season final standings here.

This means we're on our bowl pick 'em, which you can join for free via Fun Office Pools.  If you've played with us before you should have received an invitation via email.  As always, we play with confidence points:  you pick the winners of all 40 bowl games, plus the National Championship Game, assigning a value 1-40 to each of them based on your confidence in that selection.  The pool is open now, and the first set of games comes next Saturday, December 19.  As always, if there are any questions leave them in the comments.  Thanks for playing all year, and good luck!