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Valentine's Day Massacre: LSU 73, Tennessee 55

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You need: a sloppy road performance and Tennessee to play out of their mind. You get: the opposite, save one 13-0 run.

Nobody got a shot of the windmill? Dangit, picture editor.
Nobody got a shot of the windmill? Dangit, picture editor.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

This is what it looks like when things don't go well against a talented team. LSU played out of their minds in the first half, went into the break up 47-20, and that was that.

LSU is bigger, deeper, and more talented than this Tennessee squad. This wasn't exactly a surprise, more of a known defect. These things are going to happen. Should they happen right before a far more talented, far deeper, and somehow even bigger Kentucky squad walks in? It's probably not good, but it happens. Anyway, LSU jumped out big early, the rest of the game didn't matter, and so it goes.

We were annoyed at the refs for a few minutes in there, but terrible block/charge calls are what they are and won't get any better, plus Willie Carmichael in foul trouble is a running joke, plus plus LSU pretty much ran Tennessee off the floor early so it's tough to stay annoyed.

Jordan Mickey had a really nice tip to windmill slam SportsCenter highlight. Mickey's the game MVP with 20 points, 11 boards, and 7 blocks.

How on earth did LSU lose to Auburn, Missouri, and Mississippi State? This team is going to drive everyone nuts if they make the tourney, or they've figured it out and they're going to make everyone's lives hell in a hurry.

The six fans in attendance at TBA seemed engaged, I suppose. (I'm sure more were there, but for a 4 PM Saturday game when school is in session, I've heard louder crowds at Arkansas women's games for large stretches, and this isn't an isolated incident.)

Anyway, it was a bad matchup and it'll get better. Just, uh, maybe not on Tuesday. -FIN-