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Torn ACL for Isabelle Harrison

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Everything is terrible.

Lady Vol for life.
Lady Vol for life.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday against Kentucky, with 19:01 to go in the second half, Isabelle Harrison's knee buckled very awkwardly in a sideways direction when a Kentucky player rolled into her leg during a rebounding scrum.  Izzy's scream, obvious pain, and the sheer silence and tears from the crowd and players gave prelude to the news that we all new was coming.  Just a few minutes ago, UT announced that Harrison has a torn ACL and is likely* done for the season.

This ends the career of a phenomenal college center with the height plus athleticism to dominate in the paint.  She has 1071 points and 778 rebounds, and her senior season is over.

For all we complained about the Hack-a-Shaq level of treatment the refs let her receive during the season, this play was clean.  It's the kind of thing that could happen to any player at any time in the game, and it just happened to strike the focal point of Tennessee's offense (and defense, really) right when they're looking at the conference end-game and tournament time.

There really is nothing good to write here, other than she's had a phenomenal career.  We would have missed her in a couple months; now we just get to miss her a little bit sooner.

* For absurdly improbable definitions of likely.