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Tennessee Vols vs. Kentucky Wildcats: game thread

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It's another hope-anything-can-happen game for Tennessee fans as their overmatched Vols take on an elite opponent.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, tonight's game between the Tennessee Volunteers and the Kentucky Wildcats is still on despite the wicked roads. We optimists will view this evening as an opportunity to do something really special without any real downside against what may prove to be one of the best teams to ever come to Thompson-Boling. Sure would be nice to knock them off, wouldn't it? Will's got the full preview here. Regardless of how good Kentucky is and how understaffed the Vols are, you should watch because if something special happens, you want your story to be a good one.

Go Vols!

Tip: 7:00 PM ET
Radio:Vol Network
Live Stats: Gametracker