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Another Day, Another Snow Storm: UT-Lipscomb Baseball Game Canceled

More snow? Yep.

Okay, so the picture is from New York but you get the gist of it.
Okay, so the picture is from New York but you get the gist of it.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

For the third time in a week weather has forced the University of Tennessee to cancel a baseball game. Last week saw the Vols postpone a midweek game against Tennessee Tech as well as cancel a four game weekend series against Rutgers. Another snow storm moved through the area last night, which has lead to the cancellation of tonight's match-up against Lipscomb (who Tennessee beat last Friday in Georgia 6-0).

The Vols have not announced whether or not the game will be made up, but I would not be surprised to find the Vols add another midweek game down the road  (joining last Friday's game vs Lipscomb, tomorrow's match-up at Belmont, April 1st at Arkansas State, and April 29th vs Xavier that were added to make up for the Rutgers series).

Tennessee is 2-2 on the season, having dropped the opening series 1-2 against FIU and defeated Lipscomb.

Hopefully the snow isn't as bad down in Nashville and the Vols manage to get a game in against Belmont before flying to California to take on UC Irvine this weekend.