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5 star Memphis offensive tackle Drew Richmond decommits from Ole Miss

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Shocking everyone and no one at the same time, Drew Richmond decommitted from Ole Miss Monday night.

Don't play chicken with the Buzzcut.
Don't play chicken with the Buzzcut.
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

5 star Memphis offensive tackle Drew Richmond decommitted from Ole Miss on Monday night after news began to leak that he would be changing his commitment. Richmond, a dominant tackle prospect who played at Memphis University School, took an official visit to Tennessee on the last weekend before National Signing Day against the wishes of the Ole Miss coaching staff. The visit seemed to go well, but he was expected to wait until Wednesday to make his final decision. However, late Monday night a source told Ryan Bartow and David Johnson from 247 Sports that Richmond had informed Ole Miss coaches that he would be not be signing with the Rebels. Shortly thereafter, Crystal Balls predicting Richmond to Tennessee began to trend on Richmond's 247 Sports profile.

Other Tennessee recruits were quick to chime in on Twitter, with four star cornerback commit Justin Martin retweeting a story about the decommitment from Paul Fortenberry at Volquest and a number of excited tweets from Tennessee fans. Martin was in Knoxville on his official visit at the same time as Richmond, and he tweeted a picture of the two of them wearing Vols jerseys on Saturday.

With a day and a half remaining until National Signing Day, there's still time for Richmond to commit to Ole Miss or Alabama, but things are looking good for the Vols -- Richmond and Rebels head coach Hugh Freeze unfollowed each other on Twitter, which as the tween set will tell you, basically means that it's over. Our resident SB Nation Ole Miss blog, Red Cup Rebellion, is predictably unhappy. The lesson here, as always: don't play chicken with Butch Jones. He will take your lunch money and send you back home hungry.