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Tennessee Plans To Blueshirt Jocquez Bruce

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South Doyle prospect Jocquez Bruce shows his loyalty to Butch Jones and the Tennessee program, proving he is all Vol. The ramifications of this move could prove to be huge for Tennessee come signing day!

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about a player who understands the culture of college football and wants to get his team back to national championship aspirations.  Bruce reportedly reached out to the coaching staff and offered himself as a candidate to blueshirt.  Via Bruce's twitter page:

For those unfamiliar with the term blueshirt, it essentially means Bruce will not count towards the 2015 class of Tennessee, he will count towards the 2016 class.  Bruce still gets to start school and join the team at the same time as every other commit in the 2015 class, however, he was not allowed to take an official visit to Tennessee this season, nor was he allowed to host any of the coaches on Tennessee's staff for an in-home visit.

At this point, you may be asking yourself why Bruce did this?  As most of you know, Tennessee is beginning to reach their limits with how many players they can accept, as they only have so many scholarships allowed to give out per season. Now the coaching staff has the flexibility to add a player tomorrow that otherwise would not have been able to join the team.

From everything I've read, if Drew Richmond does indeed pick Tennessee tomorrow, he has always had a place reserved for him with this class.  This was not done on Richmond's behalf.  No, this is for someone else entirely.  Does the coaching staff already have a player in mind?  Are they expecting a flip from a rival school?  It's anyone's guess at this point, but here are some players the Vols may be targeting with their newfound scholarship:

Patrick Allen

The four-star offensive lineman has gone back-and-forth between Georgia and Tennessee in recent weeks, including decommitting to Georgia once Mike Bobo (former offensive coordinator) and Will Friend (former offensive line coach) left for Colorado State.  How well Georgia's new line coach Rob Sale and Allen get along could very well determine this SEC East battle.  Most prognostications predict Allen to stick with the Dawgs, but if Allen and Richmond jump on with the '15 Dream Team, the debate on Rocky Top may be which side of the line is more impressive in this year's class.

Jaason Lewis

With the decommitment of Kendall Bussey, the Vols currently only have two officially listed running backs coming in this class.  Depth at the position could be critical if a player goes down for any significant amount of time next season.  Lewis is currently committed to Arizona State, but that didn't stop him for visiting Tennessee (Jan. 30th) and Florida (Jan. 16th) after pledging to the Sun Devils.  Is the distance between his home town of Virginia Beach becoming an issue for the four-star running back?  Lewis' 6'2" 247 lbs frame would be an ideal fit for the Volunteers goal line package, don't you think?

Bryce Love

This one seems like more of a long shot, as Tennessee isn't even in Love's Crystal Ball prediction.  And yes Love just committed to Stanford on January 30th, but crazy things tend to happen on signing day.  Since his commitment, Bussey bolted for A&M, clearing up room on the Vols depth chart.  Had Tennessee gotten Love on campus for an official visit this might have been more realistic, but like I said, signing day is crazy!

Camion Patrick

How under the radar is Patrick you ask?  He doesn't even have a Crystal Ball prediction! How's that for under the radar?  What Patrick does have is offers from Tennessee, Kansas State and Indiana, as well as interest from Auburn and Louisville.  The three-star Patrick played his high school football at Knoxville West and Lenoir City and was committed to Tennessee coming out of high school. Patrick was forced to play at East Mississippi Community College after failing to enroll in Knoxville.  The Vols could be looking to shore up the receiver depth with Patrick following some offseason transfers from the position.

Regardless of which player unexpectedly ends up in Knoxville, always remember, we have this young man to thank: