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National Signing Day 2015: Drew Richmond commitment watch

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If you're waiting for Drew Richmond's commitment announcement, you're not alone. Here's the schedule for the top four uncommitted prospects Tennessee has a shot at.

He'd look better in orange.
He'd look better in orange.
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National Signing Day Commitment Schedule

Name Hometown Commitment Time Position Position Rank 247 Composite Stars
Patrick Allen Reisterstown, MD 8:45 AM Offensive tackle 18 0.9131 4
Jaason Lewis Virginia Beach, VA 9:00 AM Athlete 11 0.9189 4
Drew Richmond Memphis, TN 10:15 AM Offensive tackle 3 0.9732 4
Rico McGraw Nashville, TN 11:10 AM Cornerback 20 0.9333 4

Flipwatch: Five prospects who could end up at Tennessee

  1. Drew Richmond. By this time, you're undoubtedly familiar with the recruiting drama surrounding the elite offensive tackle. Following his Monday night decommitment from Ole Miss, it's been widely expected that Richmond would commit to the Vols on National Signing Day. But as with all elite recruits, it won't be over until Richmond signs on the dotted line. 10:15 AM is the target time.
    UPDATE: Richmond is a Vol!
  2. Patrick Allen. Maybe the Vols have room for Allen, maybe they don't. Maybe he can't make up his mind, or maybe he'd rather not play second banana to Richmond. In any case, the longtime Georgia commit will announce his final decision at 8:45 AM. If the coaching staff can somehow pull off landing both Richmond and Allen, Tennessee will have an outside shot at holding onto #2 in the national team rankings.
    UPDATE: The Vols are 0-1 on potential flips as Patrick Allen recommits to Georgia.
  3. Jaason Lewis. Lewis has been committed to Arizona State since the middle of October, but he's also officially visited Tennessee and Ole Miss the last two weekends before signing day. He's a jumbo athlete who can play outside linebacker, running back, and h-back, so the Vols would like to have him if they have room. Around 9:00 AM is a good time to see what he's up to.
    UPDATE: Lewis recommitted to Arizona State, spurning both the Vols and the Rebels.
  4. Bryce Love. He's already spurned the Vols for Stanford, but stranger things have happened. He's a very fast but smallish running back prospect from North Carolina.
  5. Rico McGraw. If you don't know who he is, you're thinking, "Who?" If you do know who he is, you're thinking, "Why on earth is he here?!" Well, yeah, McGraw has been committed to both Georgia and Alabama, and it sure seems like he'll end up at one of those two, but he's an elite, undecided prospect from Nashville, TN. Remember last year, when Butch Jones ended up dominating the state with late commitments like Michael Sawyers, Jashon Robertson, and Derek Barnett? Exactly.