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National Signing Day 2015: Kahlil McKenzie ready to lead Vols to Championship

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It happened just like he said.
It happened just like he said.

What you need to know

Name Hometown Position Height Weight 247 Composite 247 Position Rank Stars
Kahlil McKenzie Concord, CA Defensive tackle 6-3 354 0.9968 2 5
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There's not much to say about Kahlil McKenzie that we haven't already said in one of our numerous articles on him: he's an incredible athlete, a five-star prospect who actively recruited other players to Tennessee, a legacy player whose father starred for the Vols, and a man who loves him some bucket hats.

Tennessee is getting all of that and more in McKenzie, who committed early, recruited other players, and never wavered in his commitment. On the field, McKenzie is a giant, off of it, he's an entertaining presence who doesn't mind getting into twitter fights with opposing coaches (like Hugh Freeze), but also someone smart enough to realize that when he may have stepped over the line (and apologize to Hugh Freeze). He's the total package: half man, half unbelievable animal on the field, a manimal in orange... Kahlil McKenzie.

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