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Swish Appeal / Rocky Top Talk NCAA Women's Bracket Pool

Just like last year. No really; exactly like last year. ESPN copied it over and everything.

Just like last year, "Kim Mulkey reacts: is utter gold for image searches in the SBN hopper.
Just like last year, "Kim Mulkey reacts: is utter gold for image searches in the SBN hopper.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Bracket:  SA/RTT Women's Pool on

Entry Fee? Nope.

Prize? Nope.

So this bracket pool is so popular that there were 7 participants signed up before I even realize that ESPN auto-created it under my name.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO SIGN UP BEFORE AN UNLIMITED BRACKET FILLS UP AND CLOSES OUT OF SHEER AWESOMENESS GO GO GO

It's the women's bracket, mind, so don't just automatically put Kentucky at the top of the heap unless you, you know, actually dig Matthew Mitchell's hairline.  Anyhoo, here are the bracket settings:

  • Finish your bracket before 11 AM Friday. The first game is scheduled for 11:05, and assumedly the bracket closes then.  Don't blame me if you're late.
  • One entry per person. Which is kind of redundant: who's filling out 10 entries for a women's bracket anyhow?
  • Don't forget to make a creative bracket name. If you jumped the gun and filled out your bracket before reading this, don't worry: go back and edit your bracket name.  Be creative; Kim Mulkey won't mind, we promise.
  • Yes, that line about not picking UConn/ND was copied from last year. It still applies, so don't fault me for recycling.
  • Seriously, how did I get to be curator of this thing?

And for all Swish Appeal readers who might be finding out about this bracket here: a few comments just for you. 1) don't take us RTTers seriously, 2) don't take us seriously, 3) why are you reading this? Go fill out a bracket already.  Also, tip your hat to Nate while you're at it.  The dude is money.