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Rick Barnes Press Conference Live Thread

The new head basketball coach at Tennessee will speak for the first time at 4:00 PM.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Your new head basketball coach will stand in Pratt Pavilion and address the masses at 4:00 PM ET.  You can watch live via the official site.

Your press conference scorecard:

  • Wears a tie of the correct shade of orange +100
  • Any reference to The Alamo, Davy Crockett, or Mexico +1836
  • Correct pronunciation of the word "Vols" +100
  • Any mention of knowing someone or something referred to as a "point guard" for the current roster without violating NCAA rules, +50
  • Kevin Durant, +50
  • Chris Lofton, +51
  • Bert Bertelkamp screaming "MONEY!" from the background, +3
  • Any John Ward mention or sighting, +500
  • Any use of "Bless your heart," +50
  • Not having to make the joke about how he wasn't Tennessee's first choice but wasn't his wife's first choice either, +1000
  • Dave Hart making a joke about how difficult our schedule is and sarcastically wishing our new coach good luck, -1,000,000
Feel free to follow along with us in the comments below, where we'll keep a running update of anything important.

Go Vols.