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Voting Open for the Official 2015 Rocky Top Talk T-Shirt

The designs are in. Time to vote.

Thanks to all who submitted designs for the Official 2015 RTT T-Shirt. We've gathered everything up, and we're posting them below and opening up the voting. Voting will remain open through midnight Monday, 5/18. Voting, by the way, will be the major factor in us determining which design to choose, but it's not determinative. We've seen shenanigans in online voting before, so we're employing our own judgment as well.

There were a couple of designs that we really liked but were just too skittish to include with the voting. Props especially to Inigo_Voltoya who to his credit went all in with his Tennessee is Coming design. We agree that should it come down to it, one could have made a valid and perhaps even persuasive enough argument that the transformative use factor in the Fair Use balancing act outweighs the other factors, including commercial purpose. Unfortunately, legal arguments cost cash money to employ, and we do our best to avoid expensive arguments altogether. But high five to Inigo for the effort. I've just killed your awesome t-shirt design, and I am now prepared to die.

So here are the candidates for this year's official tee.

In no particular order:

Bucket Gang

Rocky Top Talk Bold

Blue Tick State

Back in Flight

That's Football

Defend the Top


Tiny Pic