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Lady Vol Softball Super Regional Open Thread

It's Tennessee and Florida State for a trip to the Women's College World Series.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Lady Vols look to return to the Women's College World Series after coming up just short last season.  To do that they'll have to get past Florida State in the tournament's 8/9 match-up, which starts tonight in Knoxville at 7:00 PM and will conclude tomorrow with games at 4:00 and 7:00 (if necessary).

The eight seed Lady Vols finished fifth in the SEC but nearly won the league tournament last week.  Behold the strength of the league in the one sport the SEC dominates more than football:  half of the remaining 16 teams are from the SEC, and with only #1 Florida and Kentucky squaring off against each other in the super regionals, as many as seven teams from the SEC could make the WCWS; five will be favored to do so playing at home this weekend.  The full super regional bracket:

  • #1 Florida vs Kentucky
  • #8 Tennessee vs #9 Florida State
  • #5 LSU vs #12 Arizona State
  • #4 Auburn vs #13 Louisiana-Lafayette
  • #6 Alabama vs #11 Oklahoma
  • #3 Michigan vs #14 Georgia
  • #7 UCLA vs #10 Missouri
  • #2 Oregon vs NC State
You can catch tonight's Lady Vol action on ESPN2, then tomorrow on ESPNU and back to ESPN2 for game three if necessary.  Check out plenty of Lady Vol information at the official site.  If you're watching along live tonight, feel free to join us in the comments below.

Go Vols.