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The Official 2015 RTT T-Shirt Design Contest

Got an idea for this year's official 2015 Rocky Top Talk t-shirt? Let's have it.

Coming soon.
Coming soon.

The old-timers 'round these parts will recall that we've published a Tennessee Football preseason magazine every year since 2009. This explains why today feels like Groundhog Day for me, not because I'm stuck on loop but because I'm sticking my head up out of the hole it's been in for at least the last two months. Hi! It's bright out here!

Anyway, this year's edition is safely in the hands of the printer as of yesterday, so players are all now free to change positions and transfer to rivals so we look like dopes.

Actually what it means is that it's time for the annual RTT T-Shirt Design Contest. Here are the winners from the last three years. Pardon the Dooley pants. It was actually a thing once upon a time.

RTT 2013 T-Shirt
RTT 2014 T-Shirt

Long-time RTT dude _trey_ won in 2012 and 2014, and is probably the guy to beat again this year, but a guy named Adam suddenly appeared via email in 2013 and came up with that awesome flagman in the O design. Think of _trey_ like one of our guys along the defensive line this year. Love ya, man. Keep it up. You are awesome. But there's a 350-pound man in a bucket hat behind you just in case you trip or something. Just saying. High five!

So what's it going to be for 2015 and Team 119? We're calling on all of you for design ideas for the 2015 official RTT logo/graphic. If your design is chosen, we'll give you a copy of the magazine and one of the t-shirts for free.

A few ground rules: No trademark or copyright infringement, no infringement of publicity rights (meaning no player or coaches' names), and nothing that's going to set off the Fulmerizer. Also, bonus points if you make things easier for this direct-to-garment printer and, by extension, cheaper for your fellow Vols fans. You can do that by (1) limiting the design to one side, and (2) limiting the amount of white ink your design uses. And FYI, any lighter ink on a darker color shirt must use white ink as an underbase. You have to prime that wall first, son. That awesome 2014 design of _trey_'s used a ton of ink, so it was expensive for us to print and for customers to buy.

So post your ideas and submissions in the comment section below so we can all see them, weigh in on them, and extend them. But you can also just email your ideas/designs to me at if you like.

Brainstorm away. We hope to keep submissions open all week and then post them for voting next Monday, but if, like last year, one design begins to run away with it in the comments, we reserve the right to call it early.

Good luck.