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Josh Richardson Drafted by Miami in Round Two

The Vol senior will get a chance to make the roster in South Beach.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A long, successful, and selfless career in Knoxville has come to a happy conclusion:  Josh Richardson was taken in the second round by the Miami Heat in tonight's NBA Draft.

Richardson was selected 40th overall, 18 spots higher than Jordan McRae went last year.  Richardson made big strides not only during his Tennessee career but also on the workout circuit.  For more on the player the Heat are getting in Richardson, check out our features on him from the end of the regular season and this week leading up to the draft.  The bullet points:  Richardson made steady progress all four years of his career, evolving from a defensive stopper to an effective scorer inside the three point line to a catch-all emergency point guard.

In the aftermath of LeBron James' return to Cleveland, Miami put 17 different players on the floor for at least 24 games this season.  Dwyane Wade's situation is a bit up in the air, as is Luol Deng's.  Richardson obviously won't be expected to come in and start right away, but I like his chances to carve out a role for himself off the bench with this group.

Congratulations to Josh Richardson, who worked his way from three-star beginnings through a system change all the way to the NBA Draft.  Best of luck to #1 going forward.