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Pick 'Em Update & Confidence Report - Week 2

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Congrats to over754ut, who takes week one of our pick 'em contest by going 18-2 with 197 confidence points.  The top ten after week one - full standings at Fun Office Pools:

1 over754ut
18-2 197
2 Blue Tick Picks
17-3 194
3 AJMartin5_GBO!!
18-2 193
4 atthejabbok
17-3 191
5 bhibb37
16-4 186
6 TJVol
17-3 182
6 johnand20
17-3 182
8 Rollervol
16-4 180
8 jfarrar90
16-4 180
8 CatchableComa
15-5 180

What's the confidence report on the Vols?  69.4% of our readers pick Tennessee as of Thursday afternoon.  But, chin up:  this time last year only 17% were taking Tennessee to beat Oklahoma.  In a match-up generally believed to be dead even, perhaps Tennessee fans are still a little shy about taking the Vols in a game like this until they see it for themselves.  Further evidence:  the average picker taking the Vols on Saturday night is putting only 3 (out of 20) confidence points on it.  Only four on the Sooners, so hey, maybe we just don't know what to think about this one.

Elsewhere this weekend:

  • 81% taking Western Kentucky over Louisiana Tech tonight.  Take that, Dooley.
  • 34% take Bowling Green at Maryland; as we joked on the podcast, that game is at noon, so if the Falcons get beat 56-3, it's going to get real nervous around these parts before kickoff at 6:00.
  • 94.6% take Michigan to bounce back at home against Oregon State.
  • One (1) person took Vanderbilt to beat Georgia in Nashville.
  • 89.4% take South Carolina at home over Kentucky
  • 57.4% like Michigan State to hold serve at home against Oregon; gotta go back a long way in these things to find the last time less than half believed in the Ducks.
  • The dominant thought is clearly Mississippi State has peaked and will now valley:  82.1% take LSU on the road in Starkville.