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Butch Jones Press Conference Recap 9/16/15

Coach Jones met with media Wednesday to discuss Western Carolina and recovering from Oklahoma.

Charlie Burris

Here's full audio from the presser:

And here's the high points that from Coach Jones said:

-Jalen Reeves Maybin has matured. He's worked himself into one of the best linebackers in the country. He works very hard and has become a team leader.

-It's a balancing act to protect your defense while running a quick offense. Trevor Daniel's punts that flipped the field was an unnoticed advantage to Tennessee on Saturday.

-Kenny Bynum is doing good things on special teams. He's a high character young man and has been mentoring younger linebackers. Butch did not mention why Bynum hasn't been getting game reps.

-Kyle Phillips had nagging injuries that set back his development and that's why he hasn't played as much. We can't be quick to anoint 17-18 year old kids as great players. Phillips has been outstanding but he's competing at the highest level and with Curt out he will have a chance to step up and earn playing time.

-There are only 100 tickets left for the Western Carolina game.

-Vols have to improve in a hurry and the team has come in with a mentality to work and improve. Against Western Carolina UT needs to play a clean, relentless game. No negative yardage plays, pre-snap penalties.

-Curt Maggitt chipped a bone in his hip but it won't require surgery. Butch said he could be out any from 4 to 8 to 10 weeks. It depends on how his body heals. Curt is disappointed but he's very resilient.

-The coaching staff decided to run the football to protect the defense this week but did not throw the ball down the field as much as they would have liked. Oklahoma is a good football team but the Vols have worked on it and they know they have to get better. Butch emphasized that UT will win games throwing the ball down field just like they did last year.

-The strides UT has made in 3 years have been monumental. Butch continued to say he believes in being positive. He again said the loss to Oklahoma is on him but the culture at UT is night and day from when he arrived. Games will be decided by one or two plays because we're competitive now.

-Everyone knows the roster has been completely rebuilt and in the best conference in football. It's a process. The road to success in always under construction.

-Having LaDarrell McNeil back is a huge boost because of the added experience in the backfield. He will be eased in because he hasn't played in a long time. His leadership and everything he brings to the table is huge.

-Marquez North will catch his share of footballs this season. He will progress in this offense as time goes on. Butch said a great carpenter has a great toolbox. For receivers, their fundamentals are their toolbox. There's a different skill set for bigger body receivers and you want individuals with different skill sets.