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A few modest team goals for the Vols-Catamounts game

Tennessee looks to tune things up against FCS opponent Western Carolina. Here are a few suggestions for the Vols' to do list.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Having a little bit of data from the first two games against what we hope are decent and really good teams respectively, we can identify the areas the Vols should work on against a team that represents a reprieve in the schedule. The Western Carolina Catamounts are an FCS team, and, no offense, but they're also a 1-1 FCS team. Tennessee should be able to lean on its strengths to dominate when necessary and then use a fair amount of snaps to shore up its weaknesses. I'm not a coach, but if I was, I would (1) run to a safe lead, (2) work on the passing game, and (3) go back to the run game if the gap ever closed to within three touchdowns. Here are a few goals I'd set for the team:

Under five penalties. The Vols have had 14 penalties in the past two games, four against Bowling Green and 10 against Oklahoma. I'd want to see no more than four against the Catamounts to prove that the Sooners game was an aberration.

At least 250 yards passing. This isn't asking very much, really, but the Vols are averaging only 165 passing yards per game, and they need to get this facet of the game rolling if only to prove to upcoming opponents that it's a viable option. Hopefully, the team can devote significant time to getting positive reps for Josh Dobbs and the receiving corps. Hitting or exceeding this goal will be evidence that they've done that.

Hold the Catamounts to under 100 yards rushing and under 200 yards passing. Again, these goals shouldn't be difficult to reach except for the fact that the team may purposely be working on things at which they're not yet great. But even with that, they should be able to do both of these.

Vols, 56-17.

Go Vols.