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Butch Jones Press Conference Recap 9/21/15

Butch Jones met with the media on Monday to talk about Western Carolina and the Florida Gators.

Charlie Burris

Here's full audio from the press conference:

And here's the high notes from what Butch said:

-Players had a business-like approach against Western Carolina. The Vols followed the plan to win, didn't turn over the ball and took the ball away on defense. They also had big splash plays, particularly on return game.

-It's a great challenge going on the road to Florida. It is the most important game because it's the next game. This game means a lot to a lot of individuals. 29 individuals will be making their first true SEC road trip. Lots of new learning experiences.

-UF held UK to 8 completions last week. They're very deep. 10 players rotate on the defensive line. They play press-man coverage. They're active, explosive, and they get after it. (Will) Greer did good things managing offense. The defense will be preparing for Treon Harris as well.

-Starting defensive lineman Danny O'Brien has been reinstated to the team and will resume practice today.-12 players on this roster have been to Florida. We can only control work ethic and preparation and then execute on Saturday.

-Florida is different this year because it's a different coaching staff. New schemes and nuances of the coaches.

-Every practice opportunity is important for Preston Williams. Older guys have made a great effort to help Preston. He continues to gain confidence as his practice opportunities increase. He has to focus on the process.

-Staff is very pleased with Darren Kirkland Jr.. He has to learn to temper his speed but overall they've been encouraged by his play.

-Need to keep routine as much as possible every week. Don't change things for the Florida game. The team will prepare for Florida just like any other team.

-Communication is key for a road game. Coach-to-coach, player-to-player. Great hydration in the heat is also key.

-Anytime you can get to 1-0 in conference play, it's very important, but it's a long football season. Must stay focused on the task at hand. Teams and programs that can weather the adversity of a long CFB season are the ones with a great body of work at the end of the season.

-Butch said this week is tough also because it's "exam week." School has only been in session for about a month so this is hard to believe but Butch still said it.

-The players expect to win every time they step on the football field.

-Defensive back Max Arnold could potentially be back from injury this week.

-Jason Croom and Ralph Abernathery IV are likely a couple of weeks away from returning and neither will be available for Florida.

-The offense has to get Pig Howard going. It's been situational as to why he hasn't been getting the football.