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Counterpoint: Relax.

Saturday is an important game for Butch Jones, but won't be the first or last word on anything.

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There's lots of "this is the biggest game of Butch Jones' career" going around this week.  Part of me wants to disagree with this - not for an unranked opponent, not when Georgia should present a significantly greater challenge and opportunity in two weeks - and part of me knows there's little chance that argument gets very far this week.

So, okay.  Cool.  This is the biggest game for Butch so far.

But if we start throwing around ultimatums and believing the outcome this week will somehow define the whole or be any kind of last word on not just Butch himself but even the 2015 season, we haven't learned very much.  And I for one don't want to have gone through what we've gone through the last eight years, in football and basketball, and still be slave to an unhealthy relationship between a fanbase and its coaches.

This is week four.  The Vols are 2-1 with a double overtime loss to a ranked team.  I'm not doing this.

I'm not breaking down the fact sheet, I'm not talking about recruiting, I'm not talking about how bad it's been or pointing out Butch's relatively important wins already.  I'm not doing any of that because having this conversation at all this week is absurd.

We will talk about how the Vols have lost, in close but excruciating fashion, the three toss-up games they've played in Butch's three years.  We'll talk about this because it's relevant to the toss-up game they're going to play Saturday, which will also carry the bonus and burden of being an emotionally-charged match-up.  The Vols haven't been in these toss-ups with Ole Miss and Missouri; the fact that they've come against James Franklin's Vanderbilt, the Gators in what should have been a breakthrough, and the repeat checkered performance in another almost-breakthrough against Oklahoma has made them all hurt a little more.  The sample size is still small, but of course Butch needs to win one of these games.

But there is a 0.0% chance Butch Jones is not the coach at Tennessee next year unless something catastrophic happens this fall, and that's Dave Hart's definition of catastrophic, not ours.  Getting into that business this week or even this year would be one of the least healthy things we could do as a fanbase at the end of a long decade of unhealthy things.

Whatever Tennessee does this week will not be the last word on anything.  If the Vols lose, it will be disappointing and there will be much to be disgruntled about.  But there are eight more of these this fall.  You don't spend the whole off-season waiting for this to throw in the towel in September, even if you're Auburn or Arkansas right now.

And if the Vols win?  Yeah, we'll celebrate the streak going down.  But you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger.  We're trying to win the East, boys and girls.  The Gators aren't the biggest animal in the pond.  There are even bigger games waiting on the other side of victory.

This is the conversation I'm interested in having this week.  Tennessee football can be too much fun and hasn't been enough fun for far too long that I'm not letting the other conversation get in the way before we've played our first SEC game.  It doesn't have to be this way.  The program is getting healthier.  We would be wise to do the same.

Beat Florida.