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Butch Jones Press Conference Recap 9/23/15

Butch Jones spoke with media Wednesday about this week's matchup with Florida.

Charlie Burris

Here's full audio from the press conference:

And here's the high notes from what Coach Jones said:

-The team that makes the fewest mistakes will win this game. The team has to be opportunistic and take the ball away, and then it's important what the team does after that turnover. Turnover margin is the #1 statistic in winning and losing football games.

-It's important what UT does with "momentum plays." Do you use the momentum or do you give it back?

-It will be a challenge stopping UF quarterback Will Grier. UT will have to generate a 4-man pass rush because you can do so much more with your defense if you can produce a pass rush with 4 up front.

-Field position is critical in this game. Started day one of training camp emphasizing the importance of field position.

-There's have a formula for winning with this football team, the formula may not change but the small details of the formula adapt to each player.

-Our confidence in running the ball continues to improve every week. The thing you can't have is negative plays running the ball. The teams want to have a run efficiency of 4 yards per play or more.

-Danny O'Brien is progressing and will travel with the team this week and is anticipated to play against Florida.

-Defensive back Max Arnold is improving and is more involved.

-Cornerback Darrell Miller is questionable.

-Pig Howard is nursing "some things" but is progressing. Anticipate him being able to play. It's practice to practice, hour to hour.

-Preston Williams is getting more confident after last week's game. He's eager and willing, he wants to work.

-Since the Oklahoma game, the team has gained more confidence and learned more of the "why" Tennessee lost. The importance of field position, fundamentals, and details.

-Part of winning is having your players develop a killer instinct. Can the team develop it? The team has to be in situations to develop it. Once they're in those situations, how do they learn from it, how do they move forward? This team will be involved in a lot of close games so the team has to learn from those situations.

-Jack Jones and Charles Moseley have looked good and are improving. Venzell Boulware had his best practice of the season yesterday. Chance Hall is continuing to get better.

-Florida has great team speed. A great defense. They may have the best defense the team has faced. They're very deep and play ten guys on their defensive line.