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The 2015 RTT Guessing Game: Gators Edition

Play the RTT Guessing Game and show your friends how much you know about stuff that matters.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Congrats to the five of you who only missed 1/3 of the questions in our Guessing Game last week. To play this week, go to the form and submit your answers to our three questions. When you're done, come back here and paste your responses in the comments section for discussion purposes. DON'T FORGET TO HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON.

Here are my answers:

If your RTT screen name is on the list below, choose it. Otherwise, choose NEW PARTICIPANT and type your screen name in the box that magically appears. Joel Hollingsworth
Do the Vols get a non-offensive touchdown in this game? (Defensive or special teams) No
Do the Vols force more turnovers than they give up this week? (A tie counts as "No") Yes
Do the Vols get over 80 net yards rushing? No

Complete current standings are below:

Participant W3
Incipient_Senescence 2
NickDrake87 2
RavenVol 2
Smokin Turkeys 2
yrekacavol 2
acrawf 1
bhibb37 1
Chris Pendley 1
DRose 1
expuppy 1
falconnuke 1
MasonW 1
MasonW 1
Master Jedi Starkiller 1
PrideoftheSouthlandFam 1
SmallsVFL 1
VolFanatETSU 1
Andrew Cooper 0
chuckiepoo 0
ChuckieTVol 0
damcglade 0
goobervol 0
heerb 0
jfarrar90 0
Joel Hollingsworth 0
keefedog 0
LTVol99 0
mariettavol 0
Raven17 0
RockyTopinKY 0
sjpetterson 0
utkjmitch 0
VFLinOregon 0
VolinDenver 0
VolinSucktucky 0
volsohard16 0
volundore 0
Will Shelton 0