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Butch Jones Press Conference Recap 9/28/15

The Vols' head coach met with media Monday after a crushing loss to Florida.

Charlie Burris

Here's full audio from the press conference:

And here's the high notes of what Coach Jones said:

-Tennessee played well enough to win the football game. Again it came down to closing out games. Again, Tennessee came up one play short. Inches make the champion.

-Many positives can be taken away from this game. After saying this, Butch named off a number of stats from the game: Tennessee was 7-16 on 3rd downs, had 250 rushing yards, and only had three 3-and-outs. Defense had 6 tackles for loss and 3 sacks.

-No one is going to feel sorry for Tennessee. Arkansas is big and physical. They have one of the best quarterbacks in America (Brandon Allen). They're in the same situation as Tennesee. They're aggressive on defense and very big. Their offensive line is very big and they have one of the best running backs in the conference (Alex Collins).

-Pig Howard is day-to-to with his injury.

-Cam Sutton is ready to go. He does not have a broken jaw, that is false rumor.

-On declining penalties: It's all about field position.

-Butch said he thought they did a great job managing the game and getting team in to field goal range on final drive. There was a miscommunication with refs.

-Joshua Dobbs has the freedom to audible on "certain plays." The defense dicatates whether or not he gets to audible. We'll win our share of games in the 4th quarter.

-On lack of catches by wide recievers: They want to throw the ball more downfield. Sometimes those plays are called and they don't get off. They want to be a receiver-oriented offense and need to continue to improve on that.

-Tennessee played four wide receivers with injuries and they had to suck it up. Only seven receivers total traveled to Florida.

-On Florida 4th down conversions: Each 4th down play had a story of its own. Did a great job to get to those 4th down plays and we'll continue to work on that.

-Butch says you should put it all on his shoulders. Blame him for everything and anything. It's part of the responsibility of being a head football coach.

-The staff did coach well enough to win this game. We're 2 plays and ten seconds away from being 4-0. We can't let ten seconds define us. It's gut wrenching but you have to move. The fans have all week to dissect the game but the team only has 24 hours.

-On Darrin Kirkland Jr. not starting: The coaches want to ease him in to the game. They want to put players into position to succeed and felt like Kirkland would be better to ease him into the game.

-On how the team will learn to win close games after dropping two close ones: It takes doing it. The team needs a moment like last year's South Carolina game. The staff has to do their best to simulate late game situations. Butch said he's never been through anything like this. They have to rely on older players and make it point of emphasis.

-On the illegal substitution before the game's final play: There were a lot of miscues. It was a communication problem and the problem has be been addressed.

-Tennessee has a 4 minute offense to to protect the lead and run the clock. They had great confidence in the run game and unfortunately had 3-and-out. It's opponent by opponent but the team does have a game plan for that situation.

-You have to take the emotion out of everything. You put your heart and soul into every game. You have to remove yourself. And when you step back, there was a lot of positive things. Special teams are performing well (top 3 in SEC in every category). It hurts because the players have invested so much and you're a play or two away but it fuels you every day to come to work. Sometimes the greatest things don't turn out the way you had planned.

-Jonathan Johnson has been nursing a hamstring injury but we expect him to get back this week.

-On not coaching aggressively: Everyone second guesses everything that you do. If they weren't coaching aggressively, they never would have called a jump pass on 4th down in the first quarter. You can't worry about outside conditions. Love is conditional and it's part of the game. I welcome that and I put it on me.