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Butch Jones Press Conference Recap 9/30/15

Butch Jones met with media members on Wednesday to talk about Saturday's matchup with the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Charlie Burris

Here's full audio from the press conference:

And here's the high notes of what Coach Jones said:

-Quart'e Sapp is out for an "inordinate amount of time" due to a stress fracture

-Max Arnold re-aggravated his knee and questionable for Arkansas

-Ralph David Abernathy will be available for this week's game. He did good things in practice yesterday

-Should know more about Pig Howard's status after seeing how he does at practice today

-On whether the players have gotten past Saturday's loss: It was a gut wrenching loss but everything in life is how you respond. They're improving week-in and week-out. Players have done a good job at practice and have been resilient. There's great character in this program. For coaches, this isn't just a game, it's a livelihood and you put every ounce of yourself into it so it's going to hurt but I think we've responded well.

-On making adjustments at the nickel back position: That position is a work in progress. Justin Martin has done good things and allows flexibility. It's a unique position and requires a different skill set and mentality. Malik (Foreman) has done good things but we'll always compete and work to improve in everything we do.

-On Arkansas wide receiver Drew Morgan: He has great length and is very explosive. Arkansas maybe has the best tight end in college football (Hunter Henry). (Quarterback) Brandon Allen has become one of the best QBs in college football. They bring in different things in terms of schematics. Arkansas has only punted 7 times all year. They've just fallen a little short but they're very talented.

-On starting practice with the circle-of-life drill: We're going to start the day with media circle-of-life today and we're going to pick 'em. No, the players look forward to it and it gets the energy going. Sometimes players come up and ask to do it. It's a way of life and a mentality and our players like it.

-On having limited possessions against Arkansas' slow-paced offense: You can't have self-inflicted wounds. You can't have pre-snap penalties or turn the football over. The team has to understand every position does count. Mixed downs and early downs are very critical. We have to take advantage of possessions. And you can't kick field goals, we need to score touchdowns.

-On dealing with multiple losses at previous schools: You stay the course and be consistent in approach. Can't let clutter or distraction creep in. Programs that can manage season long adversity are the ones that like their body of work when it's said and done. You have to put your head down and keep grinding. I've been proud of our players. They've handled everything well.

-On Trevor Daniel: If you want a story to write about, write about Trevor Daniel. He gets better each and every day. He has great confidence and he's the reason UT is having success with their punt team. Arkansas is going to come after punts.

-On Arkansas allowing less than 100 yards rushing per game: They're big up front and physical. They work on it a lot. It's the physicality of their front. They do different things schematically and get their safeties involved in the run game. They're big, physical, and strong.

-On balancing using analytics versus going with your gut during games: We don't use analytics during the games. That's before the games. 99% of decisions made on game day are made in a controlled environment in a meeting room. Most situations are done that way like with most programs. We don't make decisions by chance.

-On Josh Dobbs fumbling three times against UF: We work on that everyday. The good thing is they only recovered one of those fumbles. We teach "Chin the ball." Keep it high and tight. He's done a good job and we'll continue to work on it.

-On  if this is a "must-win" game: Every game is a must win game in this conference. That's the approach that we take, just like "this is the most important game because it's the next game." The way I approach every game is it's a must-win.