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UT's PA Announcer is Incredible at Twitter

Jeff Jarnigan, the PA announcer at Tennessee football and basketball games, is a Vol For Life and he doesn't care who knows.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

You've heard Jeff Jarnigan's booming voice at different UT sporting events for years now. As the PA announcer, he's not the first Vol personality you would think about following on Twitter, but you should. And here's why:

Jeff's take on Vanderbilt's open practice:


On Tennessee's relentless fan base:

On South Carolina's weak open practice turnout:

Jarn 3

On Oklahoma's 2014 meltdown:

Jarn 4

On Bob Stoops:

Jarn 6

On Ohio State's buttery soft schedule:

Jarn 7

On Bob Stoops' Neyland comments and Notre Dame's lame atmosphere:

Jarn 8

On someone who thinks UT will start the season 2-5:

Jarn 8

And finally, on his prediction for the Oklahoma game:

Jarn 10

There you have it. Not only does Tennessee have the greatest stadium atmosphere in college football, they have the greatest PA announcer in college football as well. Other fan bases be warned, if you come at Jeff Jarnigan on Twitter, you best not miss because he will take you down. And if you're reading this Jeff, when Bob Stoops walks on to the field Saturday, please say "Welcome to Neyland, Bob. It's going to be a long night."

I will weep with joy.

Go Vols.