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RTT Guessing Game Results: Week Five

We’re getting some separation in the RTT Guessing Game, but will the impending blue shell take care of that next week?

Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Here's how everything played out in our weekly RTT Guessing Game:

Round 1

Question: Do the Vols score more points in the first half or the second half this week?

Answer: Second half. (27-7)

Results: 26 players get this right and get a point for it.

Mushrooms: _trey_ and Volundore.

Bananas: acrawf and VolFanatETSU.

Blue shells: No new ones, but the single and the double both advance.

Bolts: None.

Leaders: _trey_ takes sole possession of the lead.

Round 2

Question: Which team nets more passing yards this week?

Answer: Tennessee (230 to 211)

Results: 19 players get this right and get a point for it.

Mushrooms: yrekacavol and atthejabbok.

Bananas: TennVol95 in 3D! and thunderfootswamprat.

Blue shells: No new ones, but the single and the double both continue to advance.

Bolts: None.

Leaders: Volundore joins _trey_ in the lead.

Round 3

Question: Does the team that leads at the half win the game?

Answer: No, thankfully. (Georgia led 17-7 at the half.)

Results: Only 5 players get this right and get a point for it, including _trey_, who moves back into the lead by himself.

Mushrooms: RockyTopinKY and mcsqueege.

Bananas: Caban and Jsmit348.

Blue shells: None, but all continue to advance.

Bolts: None.

Leaders: _trey_, who I'm currently cursing for including multiple underscores in his screen name (just kidding! Not really! But really!), is all by himself in the lead. Volundore is all by himself in second, and there's a pack of five players in third. The closest blue shell is only two spots from the lead.

Current standings:

Player Total
_trey_ 8
Volundore 7
NJ Vol 6
Incipient_Senescence 6
heerb 6
Smokin Turkeys 6
Raven17 6
Daetilus 5
RockyTop5 5
Will Shelton 5
TennVol95 in 3D! 4
Joel Hollingsworth 4
birdjam 4
Master Jedi Starkiller 4
NickDrake87 4
Vols4Liife 4
VolinDenver 4
Josh Farrar 4
thetennesseethumper 4
chuckiepoo 4
bhibb37 4
Mariettavol 3
biologydropout 3
Cltvol 3
RockyTopinKY 3
Jayyyy 2
Bubbavol 2
CarolinaVol 2
MattD22 2
bmwaller 2
acrawf 2
PrideofTheSouthlandFan 2
LTVol99 2
ArlingtonVol 2
ebreese1 2
ken hennessee 2
yrekacavol 2
VolFanatETSU 2
orange_devil87 1
BBQTuck615 1
volyourbase 1
utkjmitch 1
COACH799 1
SmallsVFL 1
gavinguy 1
gsc3 1
NYCVawl 1
AeroVol 1
Jolly Orange Giant 1
Caban 0
danmarcel 0
Danny_TM 0
MillerLane91 0
Nomadvol 0
Nomadvol 0
Rossboro 0
Chris Pendley 0
Covolrey 0
stophanc 0
WildcatVol 0
dbsvol 0
mcsqueege 0
bobo_the_vol -1
Displaced_Vol_Fan -1
Hook0690 -1
Joel's New Test Entry -1
RollerVol -1
rhino -1
Jsmit348 -2
thunderfootswamprat -2
atthejabbok -2

Entire spreadsheet is here.