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LINKS: Week 8 Tennessee Vols Injury Tracker

Your complete breakdown of #VolsTriage2016 (with sources!), plus Candace Parker: GOAT. It’s your weekend links injury tracker!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Morning folks! This season, yall. This season. Make it stop. It’s killing people.

There’s obviously been a lot of talk about Tennessee’s injury situation. What are injuries, really, anyways? Aren’t we all injured somehow, man? Makes you think. Regardless, for Tennessee there’s a lot of (sometimes contradictory) injury lists floating around right now, so here’s our as-complete-as-possible injury tracker, accurate as of late last night. It is our opus to the frailty of human ambition.

Out For Season

Injured, No Date For Return

Expected to Return Against South Carolina


  • Out for Season: 4
  • Out, Indeterminate Return: 6
  • Out, Expected Back Against USCe: 6

As always as of last week, we’ll keep this list updated as more players statuses are announced and/or (ha!) more players are injured. If we’ve missed anybody or you have any HOT TIPS, please hit us up in the comments or on the Twitters.

Despite being snubbed this year for both WNBA All-Star Team and US National Team selections, VFL Candace Parker finally won her first WNBA Championship last night as her LA Sparks beat the Minnesota Lynx in a wild 77-76 finish. Parker, who also won Finals MVP, dedicated the game to Pat Summitt:

One of the greats, yall.

Happy Weekend!