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RTT Pick ‘Em Week 9 Community Trends

How our community is leaning in this week’s biggest games.

Miami v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Congrats to boro wvvol for winning Week 8 in our picks contest. The overall standings are deadlocked at the top between C_hawkfan and GeorgeMonkey at 1371 points, with four others less than ten points off the lead as we enter the backstretch.

If you thought the Vols would be back to getting 100% of the picks in our pool in weeks like this one, you’re close: 96.6% of those in our contest are taking Tennessee straight up at South Carolina.

In other action this week:

  • A big opportunity for Virginia Tech to own the tiebreaker over every other threat in the ACC Coastal tonight, which makes it a big opportunity for Tennessee in the playoff conversation. And 85.7% like the Hokies to do just that at Pittsburgh. Let’s go...
  • Also gracing your television screens tonight: 93.4% take Appalachian State to continue their winning ways at Georgia Southern, and 89.1% like USC at home over Cal. Tomorrow night’s contest is much more even: 54.5% like Navy at South Florida.
  • Of note Saturday: 63.2% like Kentucky on the road at Missouri, 78.1% like suddenly-hot Auburn at Ole Miss, and 80.4% take Clemson at Florida State.
  • Few are willing to roll the dice on #chaos just yet: 79.5% like West Virginia at Oklahoma State, 91% like Baylor at Texas, and Michigan sweeps the board at Michigan State. Utah didn’t fare much better with 83.4% taking Washington on the road.
  • In the World’s Largest Outdoor Scoreboard Watching, the odds are slightly more in our favor: exactly two-thirds take the Gators over the Dawgs.