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RTT Pick ‘Em Week 12 Community Trends

How our community is feeling about this week’s biggest games, including Tennessee-Missouri and LSU-Florida.

Wake Forest v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Last week in a nutshell: VolleyVol went 10-10 and finished third in confidence points. Congrats to CajunVol (good sign for this week!) who took Week 11 at 12-8 and 143 confidence points. Jahiegel has the overall lead at 160-59 and 1815 points.

This week!

  • 95.1% are still rolling with Louisville on the road at Houston tonight at 8:00 PM ET.
  • 97.4% take LSU to open the door for the Vols against the Gators, and 100% expect the Vols to walk through it against Missouri.
  • In big conference showdowns this week, 74.3% take Colorado at home over Washington State in a game you totally thought would be in this roundup at the start of the season, and 64.1% take Oklahoma at West Virginia.
  • They say your audience takes on some portion of your personality: 100% take Clemson at Wake Forest. There’s still time.