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RTT Guessing Game: Tennessee Tech edition

How many points? How many sacks for Barnett? When do we see a backup QB? These and more in this week’s Guessing Game.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the RTT Guessing Game. If you’re new and don’t know what this is all about, the first post of the season has all of the details.

Last week’s results are below this week’s questions. To play this week, click here to go to the form and submit your answers to our three questions. When you're done, come back here and log your responses in the comments section for discussion purposes.

Here are the questions this week. Note that there are different rewards for different choices. :-)

1. Do the Vols score over 50 points?

Yes (2 points)

No (1 point)

2. How many sacks does Derek Barnett get?

0-1 (2 points)

2-3 (1 point)

4+ (2 points)

3. In which quarter does someone other than Josh Dobbs take a snap at QB?

First quarter (5 points)

Second quarter (2 points)

Third quarter (1 point)

Fourth quarter (3 points)

No one other than Dobbs takes a snap at QB (7 points)

My answers:

  1. No (1 point)
  2. 2-3 (1 point)
  3. Fourth quarter (3 points)

Good luck, and Go Vols!


And now, here are last week’s results:

Here's how everything played out in last week's (South Carolina week) RTT Guessing Game:

Round 1

Question: Is Tennessee's first play from scrimmage a running play or a passing play?

Answer: Passing play (Dobbs to Malone)

Results: Eight brave souls get this right and get a point for it.

Mushrooms: Will Shelton and AirForceVol

Bananas: Cltvol and thunderfootswamprat

Blue shells: No new ones, but everything advances, including the double and three singles. The double takes out _trey_, tying him with a pack of four, and then all five of them are blown up by the twin. _trey_ takes two hits, and the rest take one. The other blue shells continue to advance.

Bolts: None.


_trey_ 7
biologydropout 7
birdjam 7
heerb 7
Incipient_Senescence 7
NJ Vol 7
Raven17 7
RockyTop5 7
Smokin Turkeys 7
Vols4Liife 7
Volundore 7
Will Shelton 7

Round 2

Question: No one has scored more than 28 points against the Gamecocks this season. Do the Vols do it this week?

Answer: No (21)

Results: Seven players get this right and get a point for it. The following players take the lead:

Mushrooms: chuckiepoo and Jsmit348

Bananas: VolinDenver and mcsqueege

Blue shells: All advance, and thunderfootswamprat releases a new one from the back.

Bolts: None.


NJ Vol

Round 3

Question: Do the Vols get more net rushing yards or more net passing yards this week?

Answer: Passing (161 - 136)

Results: Twelve players get this right and get a point for it.

Mushrooms: atthejabbok and NYCVawl

Bananas: VolinDenver and ken hennessee

Blue shells: No new ones all advance.

Bolts: None.

Current standings:

Player Total
_trey_ 8
Incipient_Senescence 8
NJ Vol 8
Smokin Turkeys 8
Volundore 8
bhibb37 7
biologydropout 7
birdjam 7
heerb 7
NickDrake87 7
Raven17 7
RockyTop5 7
TennVol95 in 3D! 7
Vols4Liife 7
Will Shelton 7
AirForceVol 6
Josh Farrar 6
chuckiepoo 5
Daetilus 5
ebreese1 5
Jayyyy 5
Joel Hollingsworth 5
Master Jedi Starkiller 5
thetennesseethumper 5
VolFanatETSU 5
VolinDenver 5
acrawf 4
AeroVol 3
ArlingtonVol 3
bmwaller 3
Bubbavol 3
Cltvol 3
ken hennessee 3
LTVol99 3
Mariettavol 3
RockyTopinKY 3
CarolinaVol 2
dbsvol 2
gsc3 2
MattD22 2
RollerVol 2
WildcatVol 2
yrekacavol 2
atthejabbok 1
Caban 1
gavinguy 1
Jolly Orange Giant 1
orange_devil87 1
PrideofTheSouthlandFan 1
SmallsVFL 1
utkjmitch 1
volyourbase 1
Chris Pendley 0
COACH799 0
Covolrey 0
danmarcel 0
Danny_TM 0
Displaced_Vol_Fan 0
Joel's New Test Entry 0
Jsmit348 0
Nomadvol 0
Nomadvol 0
NYCVawl 0
Rossboro 0
Spanntastic 0
stophanc 0
BBQTuck615 -1
bobo_the_vol -1
Hook0690 -1
mcsqueege -1
MillerLane91 -1
rhino -1
thunderfootswamprat -3

Entire spreadsheet is here.