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RTT Guessing Game Results: Week 10

Smokin Turkeys makes the best of a risky strategy to take the lead almost out of nowhere.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Tech at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Here's how everything played out in this week's RTT Guessing Game. Remember, the questions this week had different rewards based on how much of a perceived risk the answer chosen was. The blue shells also picked up their pace in response.

Round 1

Question: Do the Vols score over 50 points?

Answer: Yes. (55)

Results: Sixteen players get this right and are awarded two points each for their persistent hope. We have three new players take the lead:

Smokin Turkeys
TennVol95 in 3D!

Mushrooms: michaelrichard316GBO and mcsqueege

Bananas: dbsvol and MattD22

Blue shells: No new ones, but four different ones continue to advance to the front.

Bolts: None.

Leaders: Smokin Turkeys has sole possession of the lead.

Round 2

Question: How many sacks does Derek Barnett get?

Answer: Zero (gasp!)

Results: Twelve players get this right and get two points for not believing in Derek Barnett, a result that shouldn't be allowed in this America. Smokin Turkeys extends his lead. Hey, 'tis the season, right?

Mushrooms: Cltvol and new participant VOLSFATMAN1

Bananas: atthejabbok and orange_devil87

Blue shells: No new ones, but all advance.

Bolts: None.


Smokin Turkeys 12
_trey_ 10
Incipient_Senescence 10
Josh Farrar 10
NJ Vol 10

Round 3

Question: In which quarter does someone other than Josh Dobbs first take a snap at QB?

Answer: Second.

Results: Only two players get this right. They each get two points.

Mushrooms: heerb and RockyTopinKY

Bananas: VOLSFATMAN1 and MattD22

Blue shells: No new ones, but all advance. The lead blue shell blows up Smokin Turkeys, who spins out but retains his/her lead anyway.

Bolts: None.

Current standings:

Player Total
Smokin Turkeys 11
_trey_ 10
heerb 10
Incipient_Senescence 10
Josh Farrar 10
NJ Vol 10
Jayyyy 9
RockyTop5 9
TennVol95 in 3D! 9
Vols4Liife 9
Will Shelton 9
Volundore 8
bhibb37 7
biologydropout 7
birdjam 7
Mariettavol 7
Master Jedi Starkiller 7
NickDrake87 7
Raven17 7
thetennesseethumper 7
VolinDenver 7
AirForceVol 6
Cltvol 6
AeroVol 5
chuckiepoo 5
Daetilus 5
ebreese1 5
Joel Hollingsworth 5
LTVol99 5
VolFanatETSU 5
acrawf 4
RockyTopinKY 4
ArlingtonVol 3
bmwaller 3
Bubbavol 3
Hook0690 3
Jolly Orange Giant 3
ken hennessee 3
michaelrichard316GBO 3
CarolinaVol 2
gsc3 2
j4vol 2
Ntansil 2
RollerVol 2
Tired Ol' Vol 2
WildcatVol 2
yrekacavol 2
Caban 1
dbsvol 1
gavinguy 1
PrideofTheSouthlandFan 1
SmallsVFL 1
utkjmitch 1
volyourbase 1
atthejabbok 0
Chris Pendley 0
COACH799 0
Covolrey 0
danmarcel 0
Danny_TM 0
Displaced_Vol_Fan 0
Joel's New Test Entry 0
Jsmit348 0
MattD22 0
mcsqueege 0
Nomadvol 0
Nomadvol 0
NYCVawl 0
orange_devil87 0
Rossboro 0
Spanntastic 0
stophanc 0
BBQTuck615 -1
bobo_the_vol -1
MillerLane91 -1
rhino -1
thunderfootswamprat -3

Entire spreadsheet is here.