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Lady Vols @ Vandy, 9 PM Eastern

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Hey, it's not like Memorial can make the offense worse, right?

Oddly, nobody ever seems to show the outside of Memorial.
Oddly, nobody ever seems to show the outside of Memorial.
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Motion Picture: SECN / SECN+

Sonic: Bet he takes tomorrow morning off.

Visual Assault: Stats Abomination, Vandy Edition

The rematch game is being played in Nashville, with the Lady Vols having won the first match 58-49 at home.  Pretty much everything from the first game applies here, so we won't bore you with a re-write.  A few things to note about that first game, however:

  • It was the Lady Vols only win in a 5-game stretch.
  • They only scored 58 points, their worst output this calendar year.
  • Other teams the Lady Vols held to under 50:  Central Arkansas and ETSU

Vanderbilt is 4-6 in conference play and currently riding a losing streak to Georgia, Auburn, and Arkansas.  They've generally lost to better teams and beaten lesser teams (recent streak possibly notwithstanding), but haven't done much in the way of upset.  That doesn't guarantee anything, given how Tennessee can disappear, but it certainly adds some comfort leading up to tipoff.

Prediction: 64-53 Tennessee. Still low-scoring, but Tennessee's getting better at this whole "double digits in every quarter" concept that all the cool kids are using.