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Tennessee Lady Vols vs. Mississippi, 7 PM EST

It's Live Pink, Bleed Orange, with a side of Tennessee kind of needs a win here.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

TV: SECN+ / so basically this link

Radio: and this audio

Stats: and this ...thing

When we last left the Lady Vols, they were putting up a good, but ultimately short effort against South Carolina. The Gamecocks are really good (again, and will be so for a while), so let's ratchet that difficulty slider down a few notches.

Ole Miss is 2-10 in-conference and 10-15 overall. In an oddity, they've actually scored more points than their opponents. In a less oddity, they're still really small, still try to shoot a lot of threes, and still can't hit threes consistently. This game might set a record for most missed three-point attempts if the Lady Vols decide to get into a distance shooting contest. On the other hand, the Lady Vols have a bunch of players whose True FG% is above 50%; Mississippi has zero.

Are we going to learn anything from this game? Nah. Not this late into the season. At this point, it's about racking up wins and getting a good seed going into the SEC Tournament.

This should be a win. Here's hoping that the Lady Vols drop some Old Testament here. PREDICTION: Tennessee, 76-53.