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Lady Vols vs. LSU: Offensively Challenged @ 2 PM

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Yeah, this is gonna be ugly.

First to 50 wins?
First to 50 wins?
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TV: ESPNU / WatchESPN, if you're up for epic rockfights.

Radio: Mickey may just stroke out.

Stats: Do you really want to look at these numbers?

There's just no point in sugar-coating this: do not expect offense.

LSU has an O-PPP of 0.83.  Couple that with their 65 possessions/40 minutes, and you get about 53 points/game for them.  They also give up about 57 points/game, so they're not a team that gives or allows offense on any kind of enjoyable level.

It's not all on Nikki Fargas (nee Caldwell, nee the-other-person-everybody-wanted-to-succeed-Pat); they lost Raigyne Moncrief very early in the season to knee issues, and she's just one of several LSU players who have been out of the rotation for various reasons.  (Look at the Season Box Score for one of the uglier games played / games started lines you'll ever see.)  It's been one of the train-wreckiest roster situations in a long, long time.

Regardless of cause, however, LSU gives no hope for an offensive show today.

And honestly, Tennessee's offense isn't a whole lot more exciting.  With an O-PPP of 0.91 and 71 possessions/game, it's better, but "better" is very faint praise, given the situation on the opposing end.  If this game ends strictly by current averages, it's a 65-53 win for Tennessee.

Prediction: 65-53 Tennessee. Sometimes it's just not worth the trouble to expound beyond chalk.  Expect a lot of possessions to run deep into the shot clock, and for the defenses to be better than the offenses.