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Rocky Top Talk is Hiring - Daily Links, Breaking News, and More

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Want to write about the Vols? We're adding to our team.

This August Rocky Top Talk will turn 10 years old, which in blog years means we're somewhere around the middle-aged father who keeps wanting to tell you how great it was when he was young.  And hopefully, when we enter Year 11 this fall, it actually will be as good for the Vols as when we were all much younger and blogs were just you and your friends talking about Jamal Lewis being underrated while playing NCAA Football 99 on your Playstation.

We're grateful to everyone who makes this community unique and for any part this blog has had in making the conversation on Tennessee Athletics better.  In this spirit, we wanted to give this community the first opportunity as we're looking to expand our staff.

Rocky Top Talk is hiring a writer to develop a weekday links piece, as well as assist our existing staff with breaking news. Joining our team would also certainly include the opportunity to develop your own stories on RTT beyond the weekday links.  Our vision is for the weekday links feature to run 3-5 times per week, paying between $75-100 per month.  This feature would involve gathering links to stories from various Tennessee outlets, social media, and other SB Nation blogs and posting them with brief commentary on our site.  Here's an example of what this has looked like on our site before, but we are looking for someone to make this their own.  In assisting with breaking news, someone who is available in the daytime would be ideal, but this is not a requirement to apply.

The majority of our current writing staff came up through the comments.  We're looking for someone who will continue to engage with our community in the comments and whose writing reflects both our community guidelines and the overall tone of our site.

To apply, send us a sample links piece from a recent date, as well as a list of or link to any previous writing experience (which is preferred, but not required) to wshelton2 AT  I'm happy to answer any questions there too.