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National Signing Day 2016: Welcome to Tennessee, Latrell Williams!

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What you need to know

Name Hometown Position Height Weight 247 Composite 247 Position Rank Stars
Latrell Williams Lake City, FL
0.8555 109

Tennessee coaches poached a second player from Miami's recruiting class this morning when they flipped 3* wide receiver Latrell Williams from Lake City, Florida.

Wait, who is Latrell Williams?

Latrell Williams. I've just written his name a few times in a row, so get used to it. Williams is a late-blooming speedster (2* as of a few weeks ago) who turned heads with his senior film. A prospect with a questionable academic background for much of his high school career, Williams unexpectedly turned himself around in the classroom and managed to qualify. That qualification, combined with a blazing 40 time at camp and a shockingly good senior season, is how he ended up at Tennessee.

What can he do that makes him worth a late offer?

On tape, Williams immediately shows up even on plays in which he's only tangentially involved, because he's pretty clearly the fastest one on the field. While he's as skinny as a pipecleaner, he has impressive slipperiness, juking defenders and emerging from player pileups seemingly unharmed. Williams is an interesting and unorthodox prospect to watch-- he's sort of the athletic equivalent of an annoying housefly in that he's apparently very difficult to tackle. If he gets any space at all on a punt return or pass, he pulls away from the surrounding players like they're in quicksand and he's on asphalt. Nothing about him is polished, smooth, or refined, but somehow he jitterbugs his way into making plays.

Williams appears to be very slightly built, so he'll have to work hard in the strength and conditioning program or his first hit will also be his last. On the other hand, if he can add good weight while keeping his speed, Williams will be an absolutely deadly weapon for the Vols from the slot position. Like former Tennessee slot receiver Pig Howard, Williams was used as a runner on option plays and reverses, where his speed and short-area quickness made him very difficult to tackle. As a comparison, Williams reminds me a bit of a less polished version of one-time Georgia wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie.

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