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Lady Vols vs. Arkansas Redux, 7 PM Eastern

In which we believe in recycling!

Conserving resources, one web page at a time.
Conserving resources, one web page at a time.
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Video:  SECN+ Only, yet this counts as "televised"

Radio:  Dulcet tones

1997 Online Database:  Or, you know, "live stats"

When we last left the Lady Vols, they were taking care of an overmatched Auburn Alabama team to the tune of a 27-point victory 28-point victory. These are the things that should happen when Tennessee plays an overmatched opponent.

In related news, Arkansas is 6-10 9-13, highlighted by a six-game out-of-conference losing streak(!) as part of a 1-8 skid where the only positive was beating noted Baylor punching bag Oral Roberts. To be fair, the Razorbacks scheduled up, dropping games to Oregon State, Texas, and Rutgers, but they also lost at home to Tulsa. You do the math.

By and large, Arkansas's been a one-woman crew, as Jessica Jackson leads the team in points/game, minutes/game, and player efficiency. She's second on the team in rebounds and points-per-weighted-shot (trailing a strangely low-usage Alecia Cooley in both metrics. Arkansas doesn't shoot well, but seems to be happiest turning every game into a slog (get it?!!?!??!?!!), which bodes well for Tennessee's ongoing desire to play the ugliest game possible.

Tennessee should win this game, but if we've learned anything this season, it's that this team can lose to anyone right now. There are ongoing structural issues which haven't shown signs of working themselves out against elite competition, and while this game should be a comfortable win, at this point who knows?

We'll mark down a 68-53 Tennessee win, but don't be surprised if you tune in for the fourth quarter and it's a three-point game in either direction.

Unedited Source: The previous UT/UA game.