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Vols Daily Links 3/14

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Good morning and welcome to Rocky Top Talk’s new and exclusive Daily Links Posts, which is a new and exclusive internet blogging web-post created every day containing a number of hyperlinks from around the information superhighway relevant to you and your reading interests!

Ben, the two of us need look no more, We both found what waitbenwhereareyougoi-
Ben, the two of us need look no more, We both found what waitbenwhereareyougoi-
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

March, a time which is Mad

As I’d guess you already know, the ‘16 Men’s NCAA tourney bracket was released yesterday (twice, actually, since apparently somebody also leaked it early). As expected the Vols didn’t nab an invitation, but there were a few eyebrow-arch-worthy happenings around the conference:

  • Conference winners Kentucky (26-8) are in with a 4 seed, as are Texas A&M (26-8) with a 3 seed (a little confusingly, what with the identical records and the Cats’ SEC Conference Final victory over the Aggies literally yesterday afternoon). Vanderbilt (19-13) (11-7) also made the cut, albeit with an 11 seed.

  • South Carolina (24-8) were not selected, which they found out at this super-depressing looking selection Sunday party:

    The Gamecocks, along with Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, accepted NIT bids.

  • Meanwhiles, left unselected, Johnny Jones’s impressively inept LSU team announced they’ll be skipping the postseason altogether, presumably to give Ben Simmons some extra time to practice his Grim Determination Face before joining up with The Process.

  • In other news- due to my studious avoidal of all tiring-seeming physical activity since 2004, I don’t know anything about the going-really-fast sports, but with Felicia Brown and Christian Coleman's victories at the NCAA Division I Indoor Track & Field Championships  Tennessee  became the first school to win both the men’s and women’s 200m national titles, which seems like a good thing:

Happy Monday!