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#LOLVANDY, Vols baseball, recruiting deep cuts, and pool noodles

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Kevin Stallings stalls out (GET IT GET IT), Jeff Moberg, and old friends: it's your Wednesday link drop!

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

It's Stallingsfreude Wednesday, Everybody!

  • Last night our great state's largest natural deposit of smugness was gravely imperiled as aspiring FBS football program Vanderbilt University was ejected from the NCAA First Four by Wichita State, 70-50. Down 2 with just under 8 minutes left, Gregggggg Marshall's Shockers completed a 20-2 run to advance to the next ("First", whatever, NCAA) round, where they'll face the 6th-seeded Arizona Wildcats.

  • In the final game before starting SEC play this weekend, the Vols baseball team notched a 7-3 win over UNC Asheville at McCormick Field (game thread here). Senior second baseman Jeff Moberg tied his single-game record with four runs, moving him to 28 on the year.

  • I have no idea what's going on here, but about 90 minutes before South Carolina's opening NIT match against High Point (strong football school name, that) coach Frank Martin indefinitely suspended five Gamecock backup players¯\(°_o)/¯ 
    Despite that, the 1-seeded USCe defeated High Point, 88-66.

  • Former RTT contributor and Friend of the Blog Brad Shepard was complaining about hitting his article click quotas or something on Twitter, so if you're of the recruiting persuasion and haven't seen it yet, go read his well-researched rundown of the Vols' top recruiting targets for 2017.

  • Here is a video of Jon Gruden beating Carson Wentz with a pool noodle:

170 days until football. Happy Wednesday!