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Vols Softball Rolls, Tennessee-UNC 2017, and First Round Takes

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11 straight wins, Tennessee headed to Chapel Hill next season, and more: it's your's Thursday links!

Bring it, fake Packers
Bring it, fake Packers
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

6 runs in an inning, I think that's good

  • The 16th ranked Vols softball team (21-5) continued their 11 game win streak last night with an epic 9-4 comeback over North Florida. Down 4-3 at the top of the seventh, the Vols racked up six runs to rally past the Ospreys (yeah, I had to look it up), which is pretty rad. Up next are 3 games against #1 Florida, starting Friday.

  • Get practicing those bemused "you know, really, at this level of basketball, anything can happen" comments, as UT confirmed yesterday they're on the verge of sealing a deal for a home-and-home series against North Carolina starting in Chapel Hill next season. This will apparently be the first time we've played UNC since 2006's preseason NIT in Madison Square Garden (memoriiiessss....).

  • It's a little tough to get a ton of info on the Lady Vols' First Round opponent, Green Bay, but here's a nice little capsule breakdown of the team from earlier in the year. SI's Richard Dietsch is calling this matchup "maybe the best of the first round," which sounds teeerrrrrible, but SI is also calling Tennessee the Sioux Falls Region's sleeper team, so make of that what you will.

  • Speaking of the tournament, some NCAA reps kindly took some time out of their busy schedules yesterday to remind us all of their magnanimity towards student-athletes: 
    Maybe next year players will get a free copy of USA Today! (like, one copy, yall can share it. We're not made of money, here).

Happy Thursday!