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NCAA Upsets, WKU Dismissals, Baseball Injuries: Sounds like March

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Be the coolest kid at happy hour: your Friday rundown on yesterday's games, Big Red drama, and why you should never wear shoes with spikes sticking out of them.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning! Your bracket is busted

  • The much-hyped Tournament Wurt Errybudy Be Awwwful didn't disappoint on opening night, with (12)Yale over (5)Baylor, (12)Little Rock(!!!!) over (5)Purdue, (11)Gonaga over (6)Seton Hall and (11)Wichita State crushing (6) Seton Hall. Don't worry, though, one of these years your bracket's ship'll come in, assuming you live to be 9 quintillion years old.

  • In further bizarro unexplained Tournament-time dismissal news, Western Kentucky announced the suspension of three players "following the outcome of a hearing conducted by the University Disciplinary Committee," as well as the resignation of head coach Ray Harper.  This has to be particularly lousy for former Tennessee players Willie Carmichael and Jabari McGhee, who have now had two successive head coaches fired from underneath them.

  • In other crummy news, Vols senior second baseman and joint NCAA runs leader Jeff Moberg tore his ACL and meniscus after his spikes caught avoiding a tag in Tuesday's win at UNC Asheville. Moberg, who is eligible for a medical redshirt, will miss the rest of the year. 

  • Here, I'll save you pulling out your phone- the Lady Vols open their tournament tonight at 5EST on ESPN2. If it gets bad, just remember: stay hydrated out there, yall-