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NCAAWBBTRO64: Lady Vols vs. Green Bay Phoenix

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How would you pluralize Phoenix, anyhow? Phoenix? Phoenixes? Phoenices? There was only one of them, right? Does playing in Phoenix give the Phoenix an advantage? Have we reached Phoenix-ception?

Prop bet: how long until the tipoff clapping ends?
Prop bet: how long until the tipoff clapping ends?
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Radio: Mickey's sunning himself in Phoenix

Digits: Like a Phoenix, this tire fire never dies.

It's day 1 of the women's NCAA tournament, which means there's going to be a whole lot of chalk drawn as the lack of parity in the women's bracket shows itself.  It's not a guaranteed chalkboard, however, and this 7-10 matchup is well within upset range.  Green Bay is one of those hipster teams (not the team itself) where you can assert your 1920s-movie-villian-moustacheness by claiming to be a fan of them.  They're always a team punching above their conference weight class.  At 28-4, they have losses to Virginia, Rutgers, and Oakland (x2), with wins over Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Marquette, and South Dakota State.

I'd give you more information, but WBBState is still getting hosed by its old hosting agency, so the only numbers you'll have available are those in the geocities-quality hyperlink up above.

Shorter: Tennessee should win.  Tennessee is capable of beating themselves in this one.  Green Bay is good enough to take advantage if the opportunity presents itself.  Tennessee deserves this game.

Prediction: 76-67 Tennessee. Without WBBState, this prediction is even less meaningful than normal.  At least Chris is honest and declines to predict.