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Survive and Advance, NOPEsets, and Spring Football

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Lady Vols triumph, other teams don't, spring football rundowns, and bad nicknames: it's your Monday link drop.

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It's Monday: Sweet

  • Last night, despite an ugly season, an ugly seeding, and some ugly away court graphics, the Lady Vols salved our deep and inherent sense of collective tournament entitlement by knocking off the 2nd-seeded Arizona State Sun Devils 75-64 and advancing to the Sweet Sixteen. Led by Diamond DeShields' 24 points and Bashaara Graves' 11 rebounds, this was a gutsy, gutsy win, yall. Go Vols.

  • Tournament Wurt Errybudy Be Awwwful, Continued
    Meanwhile, we'll get a brief stay before the coming onslaught of 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH SEC BASKETBALL' articles, as (3)Texas A&M, down to Cinderellas (1) UNI 10 with less than 30 seconds to play, miraculously came back to tie and eventually win in double overtime. ESPN in its infinite wisdom then decided to put the UNI kids on national TV, which was really depressing. Elsewhere,
    Jim Boheim's Fighting Afterthoughts pulled away with a 21-2 run in the second half to defeat MTSU, 75-50.

  • Spring Football began in earnest earlier this month, which means Spring Football recaps. Rucker has a good look at the (surprisingly thin) defensive tackle unit, and BR has a great rundown of what's been shakin team-wide.

    + Shy Tuttle is still rehabbing his leg fracture
    + Alexis Johnson is still suspended, but everybody seems to think it'll be okay, I guess?
    Jason Croom is a tight end now, which seems good, as that's the only people we throw it to
    + Preston Williams is nicknamed The Resort, which is cool and good and much better than any nickname I've ever had, because the only nickname I remember getting was my friend's stupid cousin calling me T-Dog
Please leave your finest nickname in the comments, for comparative purposes. Happy Monday!